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Kyalami Karate students shine at the SZA Nationals

Dojos' hard work pays off as they rake in medals at the National Open Invitational Championships.

Kyalami Karate Dojo students took part in the Shotokan-ZA National Open Invitational Championships hosted in Krugersdorp.
The Kyalami dojo entered 29 of its students and they managed to come back with 32 individual medals and five team medals after an outstanding performance.

Sensei Mari du Preez beamed with pride. “We are extremely proud of all the students who participated and placed at the Nationals. Everyone was fantastic ambassadors for our dojo and our sport,” said du Preez.

Students of the Kyalami Karate Dojo with their medals

These were the results for Individual Kata:

  • Gold: Aiden Fleuriot, Haylee Govender and Rachael Jacobs
  • Silver: Jordan Trow, Kiash Mkkano Harilal, Marjolein Lewis, Priyal Heeralall and Viksha Mistri
  • Bronze: Christos Prokas, Emily Gounden, Kritvi Mistri, Matthew Koeberg, Thea Gounden and Zoey Baker Moonsamy

Results for Individual Nihon (12 years and younger) Kumite:
Bronze: Haylee Govender, Jordan Trow and Rachael Jacobs

Results for Individual Combat:

  • Gold: Jordan Trow

Results for Individual Sanbon (13 years and older) Kumite:

  • Gold: Matthew Koeberg and MJ du Plessis
  • Silver: Emily Gounden, Jude Watson and Thea Gounden,
  • Bronze: Aiden Fleuriot, Kritvi Mistri, Samita Ramshat and Viksha Mistri

Results for Individual Ippon (13 years and older) Kumite:

  • Gold: Jude Watson
  • Silver: Kritvi Mistri, Matthew Koeberg and Viksha Mistri
  • Bronze: Samita Ramshat

Results for Team Kata:

  • Silver: Team Kyalami 3 (Christos Prokas, Kiash Mkkano Harilal and Aiden Fleuriot)
  • Bronze: Team Kyalami 5 (Samita Ramshat, Tashlin Davsarang and Emily Gounden)

Results for Rotational Team Kumite:

  • Gold: Team Kyalami 9 (MJ du Plessis, Kiash Mkkano Harilal and Aiden Fleuriot)
  • Silver: Team Kyalami 7 (Haylee Govender, Ketara Pillay and Rachael Jacobs) and Team Kyalami 8 (Pieter du Plessis, Shivaan Gayaram and Jordan Trow)

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