Angelica seeks a caring family for kittens craving love

Angelica Ehlers is looking for a family to take over caring for two kittens whose owners relocated.

Angelica Ehlers said she cared about rescuing animals and she does exactly that.

Upon coming across a post in the community group chat on social media, she could not help but feel for the family who were looking for a new home for their adorable kittens as they were relocating from the country.

She immediately reached out to them, hoping to make the transition as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Angelica is the founder of Puppys’ Heaven, in Fourways. This is an animal rescue that helps find new homes for pets, especially those whose owners are relocating.

She said she is now seeking help with finding a home for Loba who is only one year old, and her nine-month-old kitten.

The cats that Angelica needs help with finding a home.
The cats that Angelica needs help with finding a home.

“The little kitten doesn’t have a name so whichever lucky person adopts the kitten can name it. I’d prefer if it could be someone very special who could take both of them as I would hate to see the mommy and daughter duo separated. We need to find these two black kittens a forever home.

“These two kitties are wonderful around people but especially kiddies. They play around all day and sleep all night and are just craving some love.”

Angelica was only 11 years old when she started rescuing and finding homes for puppies.

“But as I have grown older, I opened it a bit more to all sorts of animals. What I do is that I find animals with no homes because a lot of people immigrate and do not wish to put their fur babies down.”

She said she was very happy when the owners of the kittens came to her rescue. “I felt so grateful to be helping the two fur babies. I thought they would be very scared but they warmed up super fast.

“So, I do home checks and charge a small adoption fee, which covers petrol for home checks and extra money for another rescue. I have officially homed my 19th animal, and I love every minute of it. Joy comes inside of me when I see an animal find a new loving home. My favourite animal is a Doberman. For any donations please contact me on 065 967 0051.”

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