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China meets SA to solve water crisis

Terisa Hsu-Lee, a philanthropist from Fourways, has become involved in big projects that will assist Africa with its water crisis.

Terisa Hsu-Lee glows with pride for being the bridge between two countries striving for change. She became an MC at a meaningful event hosted by the Chinese multinational construction machinery manufacturing company LuiGong at the Langhams Executive Conference.

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The company donated the first of many boreholes to the Moses Kotane municipality through the Liugong Green alliance public welfare campaign from the profit of the first green machine sale.

Li Yi gives Nketu Nkotswe the Liugong 856HE Africa's first green electric loader machine. The funds for the LuiGong Green alliance initiative stem from the profits generated by Africa's first electric loader machine, the 856HE.
Li Yi gives Nketu Nkotswe a mini model of Liugong’s 856HE, Africa’s first green electric loader machine.

This alliance, dedicated to environmental sustainability and community empowerment, marks a significant step towards addressing the water scarcity issues in Africa, according to Hsu-Lee.

The signing ceremony saw the Moses Kotane Municipality, North West being the first to receive a borehole well.

This donation, according to general manager of LiuGong Africa region, Li Yi, marks the beginning of a concerted effort to combat the water crisis affecting communities in the country and addressing the pressing environmental challenges.

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Nketu Nkotswe, mayor of the municipality, travelled from the North West to Fourways, to sign and receive the donations.

Li Yi and Nketu Nkotswe during the handover ceremony.
Li Yi and Nketu Nkotswe during the handover ceremony.

“There was a period when we experienced drought because of climate change. This caused some of the boreholes we were using to dry up and were forced to make other means for people in the community to get water. What became a problem was how much we were going to yield from new boreholes. So, with this initiative, about 25 000 households will benefit.”

Hsu-Lee connected with Shirley Chan who is a Forbes 30 under 30. She said together they embarked on an exciting entrepreneurial journey of establishing Triple 8 Consultancy, a social development and positive impact brand and communications agency. This is how they were able to play a role in the project.

They desire to bridge the communication gap between Africa and China so that they can assist Chinese firms and organisations by bringing their meaningful outreach visions to life.

Li Yi and Nketu Nkotswe shake hands at the handover ceremony.
Li Yi and Nketu Nkotswe shake hands at the handover ceremony.

“It is so important for me to be part of it because someone needs to be that connector and when it comes to cultural differences we have many similarities but when language becomes a barrier, the ones that can communicate are the ones that are connectors and able to facilitate.”

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