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Crawford U10 soccer team shines

Crawford U10 soccer team shines in Discovery Knockout Cup.

In their debut at the esteemed Discovery Knockout Cup, the Crawford International Lonehill U10 soccer team left a noteworthy impression with their remarkable performance.

The team showcased remarkable talent and determination, winning their games in the first three rounds and advancing to the quarter-finals. Their impressive journey continued as they triumphed in the quarter-finals even though their campaign ended in the semi-finals.

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The long-standing competition has a rich history of fostering young talent and the team’s performance was commendable. Their success highlights their potential and sets a strong foundation for future competitions.

The Crawford U10 soccer team plays in the Discovery Knockout Cup.
The Crawford U10 soccer team plays in the Discovery Knockout Cup.

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The team also excelled in the Montrose Night Soccer Challenge, securing a third-place finish. The client experience officer of the school Louise Clarke-Mathers said this achievement further underscored the team’s skill and dedication on the field.

“At Crawford Lonehill, there is a huge excitement about the prospects of this young team,” she said.

She added the unwavering support from parents had also been a crucial factor in the team’s success, providing motivation and encouragement throughout the games.

“With such a strong foundation, the is no doubt that the Crawford Lonehill U10 soccer team is poised for a bright future in the world of soccer.”

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