Merry Christmas from the mayor!

JOBURG – 'There is much more to come in 2017' – Herman Mashaba'.


The City of Johannesburg’s newly elected mayor, Herman Mashaba, took some time out of his day to wish Caxton readers a Merry Christmas and safe festive season.

Here is his message …

Joburgers from different communities and religious traditions celebrate days and festivities that are of great importance to them and their families. The Christmas and New Year period are also an opportunity for all to reflect on activities of the past 12 months and to energise themselves for the year that lies ahead.

As citizens of our great City, we live in very exciting times. This year you, our residents, voted for real change in the way in which Johannesburg is managed. You chose to entrust the future of Africa’s leading city in the hands of a new team committed to root out graft and wastage of public resources and offer you a clean administration – committed to quality service delivery, stimulating job creation and promoting the best interests of all Joburgers.

We are delighted by the positive reaction received from residents across our City to the initiatives taken during the first 100 days of our administration. I can give you the assurance that there is much more to come in 2017. We’re moving forward with the implementation of our 10-point plan and creating an environment within which private citizens can thrive and reach their potential.

It is essential that we work together in order for us to enter a new era of prosperity and inclusivity in Joburg. Our administration in Johannesburg is committed to running a responsive, pro-poor and business-friendly government. Together, we will be able to address the issues that have been neglected for so long in Johannesburg.

The future of our City, and indeed our country, depends on a tireless effort to realise the goals we have set ourselves.

I wish all our Christian residents a blessed Christmas. This is an opportunity to spend quality time with family, loved ones and friends. Over this period, please also reflect on your blessings and spare a thought for those less fortunate.

Keep safe and drive responsibly over this period. Our emergency services and Metro police will be on duty throughout the holiday period. Please consider their sacrifices and dedication to protecting you. I thank them for their service.

2017 will be an eventful and exciting year as we continue to move Johannesburg forward. This City and its people have an abundance of opportunity waiting to be unlocked and I look forward to continuing this journey with you.

Yours in service,

Herman Mashaba, executive mayor of the City of Johannesburg.”

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