Electricity outages remain unending in Germiston

Dunga made a promised in his budget speech that City will provide electricity stability.

In just a week after the MMC of Finance Nkululeko Dunga delivered his budget speech, residents felt hopeful as R277.5m was allocated to address power supply outages.

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The funds will be used for upgrading substations, network enhancement programmes, bulk services to new development programmes, broadening the services to new developments and informal settlements, and upgrading the ageing backbone electrical networks and the John Dube and Daggafontein developments.

Electricity supply in Germiston remains a concern as some areas are now experiencing power surges and prolonged power outages that occur after load-shedding.

The latest concerns come from residents in Primrose, Fishers’ Hill, Dawnview, Lambton, Albemarle and Dinwiddie.

Vanessa Smith in Beaconsfield Street in Primrose said after a recent power outage, her house was the only property not to have electricity restored when the power was restored.

“This is costing people money in food and medication for those who need to keep the medicines refrigerated.

“The City of Ekurhuleni is slow in attending to these problems. When I call the call centre, I am sent from pillar to post. They don’t even listen to what you say, they are quick to hang up,” said Smith.

Another area that has been experiencing power issues is Twinpen Flats on Violet Street.

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Maggie Wide, a resident, said it has been a challenge living in the flat. According to her, they have been having power surges that lead to power outages that last for days.

“It has become a norm to have these power surges and prolonged power outages,” said Wide.

She said the concerns as residents are the safety of and damage to their appliances.

“We are left vulnerable and exposed because when the power is down for days, we have to constantly patrol and be on alert because the darkness provides a cover for criminals to operate. I worry the surge will damage our appliances. Who will pay for them?”

Wade said every time contractors fix the electricity they are told there is a possibility of an outage because of problems with or the theft of cables.

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Lambton and Dinwiddie residents were also affected by recent power outages that lasted for days.

“We are tired of the power issue – off, on and off again. We pay for our services and we expert service and at this point we not receiving it. We are just receiving promises with no delivery,” said Thabo Dlamini.

GCN has been receiving numerous complaints about power outages and the effects it has on the daily lives of residents.

Dunga made a promise in his budget speech that CoE will provide electricity stability.

“We as the executive will work with the administration to do everything in our power to bring about electricity stability, not just for short-term goals but for medium and long-term purposes.

“We have to take concrete steps and develop workable and fiscally sound plans to guarantee the supply of electricity to all our people.

“As the city, we are not going to fold our arms and not do anything about insulating our people from the crisis of load-shedding,” said Dunga.

GCN also sent an enquiry to the CoE questioning turnaround times to restore power supply, short-term solutions to the energy crisis during this winter period and plans for stabilising electricity. None were provided.

Instead, the city said they are working on it.

“The concerns of the public regarding the power situation in Germiston are noted and taken seriously by the city.

We will be sharing with the public, via the newspaper, our immediate, mid-term and long-term plans aimed at resolving the issue,” said CoE spokesperson Zweli Dlamini.


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