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NPO hosts Perpetrator of Intimate Partner Violence Programme

Nicro hosted the Perpetrator of Intimate Partner Violence Programme.

The Nicro NPO hosted its annual Perpetrator of Intimate Partner Violence Programme on November 10 for the community at the Makause informal settlement sports ground.

Its goals were to educate locals about domestic violence and to increase awareness of the LBGTQ+ community.

According to social auxiliary worker Landela Somzana, Nicro and other relevant stakeholders saw it appropriate to bring the programme to the community of Makause because there aren’t any educational programmes.

Various stakeholders hosted the programme.

“The problem of corrective rape in informal settlements continues to be a major worry.

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“We aim to provide citizens with sufficient and well-informed information to enable them to recognise organisations that offer assistance in several domains,” said Somzana.

“We are in Germiston at the Boston building and do regular awareness campaigns at the Wannenburg Clinic in Primrose. We converse with clients one-on-one and share contacts and information.”

The Primrose SAPS were among the speakers.

The event’s theme, according to Somzana, was Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu, or a person is a person through persons.

“Our programmes even reach students. As the younger generation identifies with their sexuality, they encounter much negative feedback.” According to one of the speakers, she was discriminated against when she came out as gay and had to drop out of university twice.

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“The programme allows us to work with people who are being referred to us by courts. We urge residents to research organisations available to help them,” said Somzana.

Other participants included the Department of Health, the Primrose Youth Desk, the CoE, Cogta, Kagisano, and The Aurum Institute.

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