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Cause of May 20 fatal crash on the N12 not known

Two men, one truck driver and one a SUV motor vehicle driver were declared dead on the scene by paramedics.

The cause of the devastating crash on the N12 west on May 20 remains unknown.

This multi-vehicle collision on the westbound N12 freeway in Edenvale resulted in the deaths of two people.

Seven more people were transported to the hospital.

Traffic in and around Edenvale, Bedfordview and Germiston were severely affected as the collision resulted in debris strewn across the freeway and a chemical spill.

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Officials are using Jaws of Life to free the truck driver trapped in the vehicle.

Disaster and Emergency Management Services (DEMS) firefighters received the call at approximately 12:20 and responded to the scene.

Three trucks and seven light motor vehicles collided, leading to the temporary closure of the entire freeway because of the wreckage and a chemical spill on the road surface.

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“Paramedics declared two men, one truck driver and one SUV driver dead on the scene.

“The jaws of life equipment had to be used to free the truck driver.

“Seven other occupants from the involved vehicles received medical treatment before being transported to various hospitals,” said DEMS media liaison officer William Ntladi.

Officials from different departments attended to the accident scene at the N12 Westbound on May 20 after multiple vehicles were reported to have been involved in the incident.

He added the cause of the accident was still under investigation.

A local business operator at the scene reported that his driver and two employees were travelling from Springs to deliver stock at the time of the crash.

The driver described a standstill in traffic, followed by a truck carrying steel, hooting continuously.

When he looked back, he saw the truck crashing into the vehicles in front of it.

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