Help keep pets with their family

With the high cost of living, more and more families are forced to turn their pets to shelters. However, Bob Martin's latest initiative has now made it possible to help you keep your beloved pet.

Our pets become our family, they keep us entertained with their quirky antics, are company when sitting alone on the couch, they are always there for us. Our job is to feed them, love them and look after them to the best of our abilities.

Bob Martin in collaboration with Beeno, Husky and Pamper have launched an initiative this summer that aims to keep pets and their families together by providing pet food and pet care for worthy beneficiaries for an entire year.

“It’s definitely not something pleasant to think about but in some cases handing over your pet to a shelter, when you cannot afford proper care, may be best for both parties,” says Su-Lise Tessendorf- Louw, Marketing Executive at Bob Martin.

Bob Martin has launched the perfect festive season campaign  ‘Help them feed them’ an initiative that aims to keep pets and their owners together by taking care of their food and care requirements for an entire year. The campaign will allow anyone to nominate a family or individual in need.  “We are calling on the public to find those stories of pet owners that could use a little bit of help to keep their pets right by their side,” says Tessendorf-Louw.

“Keeping your pet healthy, cared-for and well-fed can be a costly endeavour, especially for people who are struggling just to make ends meet,” adds Tessendorf-Louw.

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