How do women influence car buying trends

It is common knowledge these days that more women buy their own cars, and without the influence of a partner.

According to a study by CDK Global, women influence 85% of vehicle purchasing decisions and buy 65% of new vehicles., in a study they did, reported that women would also score their buying experience higher when they deal with female sales executives.

The traditionally male dominated world of vehicle sales staff is a relic of the past and with new customer-focused progammes and teams, it seems that women are better at establishing trust, and respect and are just generally more likeable and understanding.

Colin Morgan, getWorth CFO, said women are an important consumer group in the automotive industry. “They have a significant influence when it comes to buying a car. We believe that making women a key part of our strategy, will increase our ability to retain current customers and attract new ones.”

“Women and men don’t shop the same way and a one-size sales approach does not fit all. When women car buyers or sellers connect with women on the front line, satisfaction rates are higher. Women have a softer approach and they have the better administrative ability,” Morgan said.

“If female shoppers prefer to rather shop with women salespeople, they should be able to do so. So we need to take note of these findings and respond by empowering women, especially in frontline dealership roles. getWorth offers a woman-to-woman buying experience, from test drives to walking them through all the features of a vehicle. Currently, the company has a 50/50 gender split throughout the company, including management.”

“The new signature showroom in Richmond Business Park, which caters for up to 400 cars under one roof, is also a testament to them putting their money where their mouths are. A female interior designer was contracted to design the interior and consulting areas to ensure a more premium, comfortable and convenient experience for customers, including female customers,” Morgan said.

Source: MotorPress

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