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Merz Street property proclaimed a heritage site

Blue plaque awarded to Pagan's old house.

On April 27, Tony Burisch awarded the latest blue plaque for heritage at 81 Merz Street, Heidelberg.

The sponsors of the plaque are Theo and Cora Muller.

Sponsors Cora and Theo Muller at the blue plaque for heritage that was unveiled at 81 Merz Street.

According to Die Geskiedenis van Heidelberg 1836 – 1877, the first owner of the property on Stand 171 was Mr van Staden. Thereafter, a Mr van Driel took occupation of the property.

James Gibson Pagan became the owner of the house in the 1920s. He subdivided the stand into two stands. It is assumed the two houses at 81 and 83 Merz were built as one property at the time.

John and Margaret Pagan’s grave in the Heidelberg Kloof Cemetery.

Pagan was the son of John Pagan (1844 – 1917) and Margaret Pagan (1847 – 1922). He was born in Penfort, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. John and Margaret are both buried in the Heidelberg Kloof Cemetery.

William McLaren was in partnership with Pagan. Together, they were the wealthiest people in Heidelberg at the time. The duo were in opposition with Heinrich Ueckermann.

The original chimney is still part of the house.

When McLaren started to work in Heidelberg, he initially worked for Ueckermann until he decided to open up his own shop with Pagan.

Original window frames are still in the house.

The Pagans were the founding members of the Heidelberg Presbyterian Church.

Original wall where the stables were situated.

The church was established in 1904 when the church was held in the Town Hall in Marais Street at the time. In 1905, Mary Pagan laid the foundation stone at the church.

The wall at the stables that was part of the house.

The church building was officially opened in February 1906.

Original airvents are still used.
Original pillars are still on the porch at the front of the house.

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