Best wall and furniture colour combinations

Wall and furniture colour combinations if properly done can enhance the look and feel of your property.

When one thinks of interior design, matching your furniture to the colour of the wall in a room is not usually a priority, however, ensuring that the colour of your walls and furniture complement each other provides the benefit of increasing your home’s overall visual appeal.

Here are some popular interior design colour combinations you should consider:

1.Grey paint goes well with white, off-white and bright furniture

Grey paint complements white, off-white, and brightly coloured furniture best. As a neutral colour, grey is the perfect choice to offset almost all light furniture colours, particularly vivid ones.

It’s important to note that grey can make a room dull if the furniture colour isn’t striking enough, so try and find some statement pieces that pull s the room’s aesthetic together.

In addition to white and off-white, consider furniture colours such as brown and bright reds for grey coloured rooms.

2.Blue paint goes well with green, mustard, gold and off-white furniture

Not only do blue-coloured walls have a calming effect, but they also allow furniture to truly stand out. Blue acts as a passive background, giving your furniture an opportunity to take centre stage.

For contrast, you can place a mustard couch in a room with blue walls, add emerald green side tables with gold legs, and perhaps an off-white floor lamp to create a look that’s both colourful and cohesive.

3.Peachy pink paint goes well with brown, grey, and gold furniture

A peachy pink wall is a daring shade not many people would choose for their home’s interior as it may be intimidating to think of the type of furniture that would work with this colour. If you’re up for the challenge, love bright colours or have a flair for mid-century modern or retro decor style, peachy pink walls are right up your alley!

You can match this bright room colour with brown wooden furniture. Consider a brown coffee table for a peachy living room and brown side tables for a peachy bedroom. You can also choose a grey couch and decor with gold accents for a living room.

4.Black walls goes well with neutral-toned and white furniture

Because it’s associated with darkness and gloominess, black is probably the last colour on anyone’s mind when they think of painting the interior of their home. The truth is, black paint can look quite sophisticated, especially when the room is well decorated.

For a living room that’s painted black, a neutral-toned or a white couch will work well. A monochromatic colour scheme is timeless and you can mix this up by adding other neutral elements as well as plants to add more life into the space.

A bedroom will require lighter coloured furniture and decor to add vibrance to the space. When decorating a room that’s painted black, use the principle of contrast to make sure everything in the room easily stands out.

Using the wall and furniture colour combinations above, you can create a visually appealing home that communicates your interior decor style effectively.

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