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Nampak grows a greener future

In celebration of Arbor Week from 1 to 7 September, more than 20 trees were planted along Circuit Road in Westmead today.

IN celebration of arbor week, 20 young indigenous trees were planted along Circuit Road outside the Nampak building.

The tree planting was a synergy between the council, the municipality, an enterprise and an NGO to create a more beautiful area in Westmead.

Janet Longman from the Botanical Society of South Africa applauded the move as it was in line with the aim of the non-profit which was to know, grow and preserve indigenous plants. “I think that adding any tree to the environment helps. It is so wonderful to see a company willing to invest in and look after indigenous trees,” said Janet.

The project started when Nampak contacted the Parks Department to create a more attractive area around its factory in Circuit Road. “From our side, the commitment to go green is a huge focus and to give back to the environment is something we strive to do. We are hoping this will set an example to the other businesses in the area and for them to also get involved in a similar project,” said Deon Beyers, Nampak’s regional manager.

Employees at the company formed teams and each team adopted a tree to look after and water as a way to ensure the sustainability of the project. The trees that were planted ranged from white halleria lucide and olea europa to ochna natalenis and dais cotinifolia. The Parks Department is hoping to have similar trees planted throughout Circuit Road by the end of October.

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