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Meeting the community members of Eden

Creating Eden met recently to sow and share knowledge.

HOSTING one of their first plant swap events at the Roseway Waldorf School on Sunday, February 11, the community of Creating Eden gathered to sow knowledge among each other.

The community is united by their common love for organic food and plant growing. The Highway Mail spoke to some of the community members, and here are their stories.

Justin Green

Justin Green.

Waterfall resident Justin Green said that ever since he was a little boy, he’s had a keen interest in exotic plants and animals. Green said he has always been around, keeping snakes and spiders. “My vision is to be able to create a natural habitat for the animals I keep. Because of that, I got into growing various plants, as well,” he said.

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Green said that although he has always been into plants since he was a boy, growing them this way and sharing them only started in 2015.
“I started with experiments, trying to figure out what would grow in various conditions. The main goal of this is to provide various plants to the public for their home decor – something pretty,” he said.

Plant Whisperers

Kiran and Dessai Rajashree are the Plant Whisperers.

Mother and daughter, Kiran and Rajeshree, said it has been a pleasure to watch some of the seeds they exchanged with other food growers grow. The Plant Whisperers grow their own garden, specialising in succulents and spring plants, and partake in the seed swap to share and receive knowledge.

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“We have also managed to grow a white brinjal that I got from a seed swap a couple of months ago. We also plant chillies and preserve them in a natural way. As vegans, we do it in a veganic way,” she said.

Joles Plants

Cathreen McGeorge and Lesley Abbey of Joles Plants.

Plant fanatic Lesley Abby said she has always been into plants from as far back as she can remember, and being part of Creating Eden made sense to her.

“I am into succulents and orchids. I like sharing them fresh from my garden. We grow our own fruits such as papaya. I have always been a plant lover. From watching my mother growing her plants, I also fell in love with it. I have also grown into the habit of not throwing things away – I recycle and re-use them for something else in the garden. We also love sharing our produce with anybody we can share with.”

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Du Start siblings

Luke and Jonah du Start.

Siblings Luke and Jonah du Start are some of the youngest members of Creating Eden. Luke and Jonah started with a vegetable garden at their home a few months ago. As home scholars, the brothers have incorporated their gardening into their curriculum, and with the knowledge shared among the community of Eden, they have since grown in the skill of gardening.

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