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Birches learners cast a vote in special ‘elections’

With less than five invalid ballots, the 'elections' at Birches Pre-Primary School went smoothly.

WITH millions of South Africans flocking to the polls on Wednesday, May 29, the children at Birches Pre-Primary School in Pinetown got to make their mark on Tuesday (May 28), voting for their favourite staff member.

Principal Bronwen Aiston said educators spent some time in the morning discussing the ballot paper and asking the children about the good qualities each of their teachers possessed.

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“At ring time, they stood in a long queue, had their ‘IDs’ scanned, their names ruled off the register, their thumbs marked and their ballot papers stamped. They voted in secret and posted their ballot in the box.”


Aiston said they were so impressed with the children.

“We had less than five invalid ballots. They had all paid close attention to their teachers and what they had been taught about the voting process,” said the impressed principal.

This year’s general elections coincide with 30 years of democracy in South Africa. This marks the country’s seventh democratic election.

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