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Fabulous reads: Author pens powerful debut novel

Book overview - An Abundance of Wild Roses by Feryal Ali-Gauhar

An Abundance of Wild Roses, Feryal Ali-Gauhar, Canongate, ISBN: 9781838858179

In the Black Mountains of Pakistan, the discovery of an unconscious, unknown man is the first snowball in an avalanche of chaos.

The head of the village is beset with problems including the injured stranger and failing to find his way out.

His daughter receives a love letter and incurs her father’s wrath. A lame boy foretells disaster, but nobody is listening.

Trapped in terrible danger, a wolf-dog is battling ice and death to save a soldier’s life.

Beaten by her addict husband for bearing him only daughters, a woman is pregnant again, but can this child save her?

All the while, the spirits of the mountains keep a baleful eye on the doings of the humans.

In a land woven with myth, chained with tradition and afflicted by ongoing conflict and the march of progress, can the villagers find a way to co-exist with nature that doesn’t destroy either of them?

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