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Empowering young girls with knowledge

Ikusasa Ngelami celebrated Youth Day by empowering teenage girls.

TEENAGE girls were encouraged to stay safe and preserve their futures during the ‘Girl, You are Enough Programme’ by Ikusasa Ngelami. Ikusas Ngelami is a Child and Youth Care and Development organisation that renders preventative and therapeutic services to children, youth, parents, guardians and families.

As part of the organisation’s youth programme to celebrate Youth Month, the Girl, You Are Enough Programme aims to equip girls from 13 to 19 years with confidence, knowledge and skills to fight against teenage pregnancy, HIV/Aids, drugs and alcohol.

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Taking part in Pinetown on June 17, Ikusasa Ngelami’s CEO and founder, Zonke Shazi-Hlongwane, said the programme is strategically set on Youth Day and school holidays.

“This is when teenagers are away from school and have time on their hands, and without the correct knowledge, they could easily fall into pressure and find themselves in sticky situations. We also want the youth to celebrate Youth Day in a meaningful way that involves young people investing in their future with this kind of knowledge,” she explained.

The programme started with practical activities that were aimed to instil within and demonstrate confidence to the young girls.

The guest speaker of the day was Dr Nokufika Mathabela who shared her journey to becoming a medical doctor and taught about the dangers of engaging in sexual activities at an early age.

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Speaking during the programme, Dr Mathabela said it is important to remind teenagers to focus on their futures, especially when they are exposed to a lot of information through social media.

“It is hard to achieve good grades when your attention is unfocused, especially with a developing brain and body. A teenager is also not fully developed enough to carry a pregnancy and become a parent. The only way to be safe from such risks is to abstain from sex, drugs and alcohol,” she said.

Ikusasa Ngelami will be hosting another empowerment programme for teenage boys on June 22 in Pinetown.

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