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Good Samaritan helps out needy children

A good Samaritan, Happy Maseko, the owner of Dawn Park Meat Market, heard the cry of the orphans at Dzulani Children Care Centre and reacted by donating a brand-new washing machine to the home.

Talking to Kathorus MAIL, Maseko said she heard one of the children from the home pleading for help during a radio broadcast on Ikasi FM.

“One of the things she asked for was a washing machine,” said Maseko.

“As mother myself, I felt a need to help by donating a washing machine, because it is cold and they need it.

“I also read in the Kathorus MAIL that the home is desperate for help,” she said.

“I am surprised that the place is still in need. I thought after children came forward pleading for support, that by this time they would have the support they need,” added Maseko.

She pleaded with business people to visit the home and donate anything they can afford.

“By so doing, God will help them,” she said.

Nelly Nelukau, the founder of the orphanage, thanked Maseko for her kind-hearted gesture and wished her only the best in life.

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