Make a fun coffee filter snowman with your child today

Follow these easy steps on how to make a snowman with your child today using coffee filters, crafts, and recyclable materials.

If your pre-schooler enjoys coffee filter projects, they’ll love this one!

You and your child will have a blast making this little coffee filter snowman. The entire project is made from craft and recyclable items you likely already have in your home.

Here’s what you need: 

  • Scrap pieces of different coloured fabThreeic
  • 3 coffee filters
  • Craft glue
  • Paint
  • Scissors
  • Sequins, buttons, glitter, stars, stickers
  • Scrap pieces of paper (for decorating your snowman)

How to make it

  1. Fold two coffee filters in half until you get a little pie shape, then cut off the top rounded edge (to make a smaller circle).
  2. Repeat with the other coffee filter, but trim a bit more. Thus, you have three sizes, the smallest of which is for the head.
  3. Have your child attach the three-sized circles to a piece of fabric. Because the coffee filters are so thin, you must be careful not to apply too much glue or tear the filter with the glue nozzle.
  4. Cut out a few circles for the buttons, a triangle for the nose, and more circles for the eyes. Cut a piece of paper in the shape of a tophat, paint it black, and stick it on the top of the snowman’s head.
  5. Help your child cut strips of paper and glue them together to make the arms.
  6. Help your child add decorations, and you’ll have a charming little snowman!

Top tip: Because the coffee filters are so thin, it’s best to stick your child’s snowman on a piece of cardboard so they can hang him on their bedroom wall.

Photo: Coffee Filter Snowman Tutorial – Cherished Bliss | Pinterest

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