Bird pan sewage spills continue as project lingers on

The project was launched to upgrade the sewer system and replace it with a new pipeline almost three years ago

THE Bonaero Park community is fed up with the delay in the pipeline project at the bird sanctuary and wants answers.

Cheryl Heydenreich said residents had requested full disclosure of what had transpired since the start of the project, as regular sewage spills into the sanctuary still occurred.The most recent overflow was only fixed after four days.

“The specific question I was asked, was why a complete new line was required as opposed to a side line being added to the system. Residents also want to know about the election process of the contractors,” she said.

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“The community would also like to know how Ekurhuleni plans on rectifying this project and what the plan forward is.”

Ward councillor André du Plessis said the project had been launched to upgrade the sewer system and replace it with a new pipeline almost three years ago. It still had not been completed, Du Plessis said.

“This new sewer line is now also blocking up on a regular basis due to a poorly installed system, thus resulting in continual sewer overflows into the wetland on Marignane Street,” he said.

Du Plessis said the blockages were reoccurring because the new sewer line was not functional and had no protective manhole covers.

“An investigation needs to be launched into the competency of the contractor and to find out who from Ekurhuleni it was, and why there is no control over the quality of work for this project. It should also be asked how much money was spent thus far. Is there any retention monies held by council and when is the contractor going to complete the project, as well as when will the handover be done.”

Numerous attempts by Du Plessis to follow up with the metro and try and get answers on the matter had proven futile.

“I place the blame on the poor performance of the Ekurhuleni project manager and suggest that he be reprimanded.”

Du Plessis had also been following up with the metro on the matter for some time and said the contractors had not been on site for more than three months.

He urged residents to attend his ward committee meetings in order to fully understand the dynamics surrounding the issue as it had a lengthy history.

“Exactly two members of my entire ward of 15 000 people took the trouble to attend the public participation process of the IDP meeting in the last two weeks. This is where concerned residents were given their opportunity to give input into the budget and make demands on service delivery and projects in their ward,” he pointed out.

Du Plessis said people were quick to complain and demand responses and information when things went wrong, without taking the trouble to attend planning and follow up meetings and without getting involved when projects started and were underway.

“I have been to numerous Bonaero Park Community Precinct public meetings and commented on this matter in the past two years, keeping the attending residents informed. If these enquiring residents had taken the trouble to attend these meetings, they would also have been adequately informed. “If they require specific information, they are welcome to mail me directly with their individual and detailed queries. I will gladly send them the whole history of mails dating back to the inception of the project for the past two years and they can digest it.”

EXPRESS is awaiting comment from the metro on the issue.

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