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East Rand Industrialist’s Association maintains Kempton’s industrial area

“The association aims to provide a platform between government and business for the discussion and successful conclusion of matters of importance,” said Attie Kolver.

The East Rand Industrialist’s Association (ERIN) aims to continue playing a significant role in maintaining the Ekurhuleni industrial area.

The business association was formed in 1989 as a networking forum for local businesses.

“The association aims to provide a platform between government and business for the discussion and successful conclusion of matters of importance,” said Attie Kolver, administrator of ERIN.

“We want to ensure the continuance of the municipality as the major service provider and provide our members with important information to conduct their business on an efficient and uninterrupted basis.”

Kolver said they elect a management committee every year at the AGM. Marius Swanepoel is the chairperson of the association.

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“The members nominate business executives who voluntarily give of their time to represent the members at local government meetings and gatherings of importance to business, on behalf of the association’s members.”

“Interaction and collective lobbying with local government on matters of concern to local industrialists enable ERIN to ensure the basic service requirements needed to keep the cogs of industry running smooth are maintained,” said Kolver.

Swanepoel said the monthly meetings with the City of Ekurhuleni (CoE) and associated organisations were attended by dedicated ERIN representatives and are open to all members.

ERIN meets every third Wednesday of each month at the Multotec building in Spartan on 28 Forge Road.

Swanepoel said the meeting was aiming to keep members abreast of developments during major electricity, water and other service disruptions.

“We also survey the industrial areas of Isando, Spartan and Aeroport regularly to assess requirements for repair or upgrading of the infrastructure, including roads, pavements, stormwater drainage, street lighting, road markings and general cleanliness of the areas.”

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Swanepoel said that ERIN works with the CoE, EMPD and SAPS to ensure the orderly implementation of the by-laws regarding informal traders and the safety and security in industrial areas.

“We have a great relationship with municipal officials. There are continuous constraints and challenges for them to overcome, such as budgets,” said Swanepoel.

He encouraged business individuals in industrial areas to join ERIN.

Swanepoel said ERIN had many successes over the years in pothole repairs, traffic lights updated and fixed and the rehabilitation of roads.

“Last year, water leaks were fixed, and in 2022, we oversaw two closures of Isando Road.

“We ensured the reparation of the electricity infrastructure, the removal of unlicensed informal traders and the replacement of water meters,” said Swanepoel.

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“Although it takes quite a while for the CoE to respond most of the time, eventually we get success.

“We would like to reach out to more businesses in Spartan and Isando to join us on our journey with Ekurhuleni to make Spartan and Isando the best and cleanest industrial area in the CoE,” said Swanepoel.

“If we all work together, we can help all in the Spartan and Isando business to be the best in Ekurhuleni and lead by example.”

For more information on how to become a member of ERIN, contact the administrator Attie Kolver at 082 458 2264 or email erinassoc@gmail.com

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