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City of Ekurhuleni introduces new payment system for bus fares

The City of Ekurhuleni is changing its payment system from coupons to QR codes.

The city is on course to become a fully functional digital city, with the introduction of the Quick Response (QR) code system as a form of payment for municipal bus fares.

As of June 1, municipal bus drivers will no longer accept cash or new Wayfarer tickets as payment due to the migration to the new system.

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“Despite this development, a grace period of a month will be afforded to commuters who had already loaded funds on their Wayfarer cards for June.

“Such commuters will have until the end of the month to utilise these,” said City of Ekurhuleni spokesperson Zweli Dlamini.

The digital system is aimed at improving the commuting experience, streamlining the ticketing process, as well as enhancing commuter convenience by speeding up the boarding process while promoting a safe cashless environment, Dlamini said.

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Commuters are urged to plan their travel accordingly to ensure all trips are used up before the system is phased out.

The QR code tickets are already on sale at all municipal bus depots.

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