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Con Amore School learners enjoy fun soccer day

Con Amore School learners showed that even though they are physically challenged, they can still be physically involved on the field.

The Kempton Park Development Agency (Kpda) created an inclusive opportunity for children with disabilities to engage in sports and recreational activities on June 11.

The Kpda visited Con Amore School to engage with the learners on an inclusive soccer fun day, and they responded well to the fun.

The Kpda joined hands with the Bundas Soccer School and Con Amore School teachers to help organise and run the event.

The soccer medals handed to the Con Amore School learners who participated.

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As part of Kpda’s mission to promote inclusivity and physical well-being, they aimed to foster a sense of inclusion, empowerment, and joy through sports.

All the parties involved and the school created a fun and supportive environment where the learners could participate in soccer-related activities, learn new skills, build friendships, and experience teamwork.

Kpda co-founder and director Olebogeng Mothibi said everything planned for the day came to reality, and seeing the smiles on the children’s faces made him happy.

The Bundas Soccer School team, the McDonald’s Kempton Park team and the Kempton Park Development Agency partnered for the inclusive soccer fun day at Con Amore School. Photo: Masego Mashilo

“All the event’s objectives were met. We saw the smiles on the faces of the learners.

“They were enthusiastic and participated in all the planned activities. The ultimate goal was to enjoy the day and have fun, which we achieved,” said Mothibi.

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McDonald’s Kempton Park provided refreshments and food for the participants.

The children showcased their abilities, teamwork, and sportsmanship in the fun soccer matches. All the children actively participated and enjoyed the experience.

Bundas Soccer School offered coaching sessions led by experienced trainers to teach fundamental soccer skills in a supportive and encouraging manner.

“Our school works with children from different schools, but when the Kpda’s director approached us to work with Con Amore School, we were excited and did not know what to expect at the same time.

The soccer medals handed to the Con Amore School learners who participated.

“We expected the children to be hindered because of their disabilities, but they proved us wrong. We were amazed and did well,” said Bundas Soccer School chairperson Jonas Mabunda.

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There were interactive stations throughout the event that allowed children to participate in dribbling challenges, shooting accuracy tests, and obstacle courses.

Con Amore School teacher Carina Meyer said the joy and happiness on the children’s faces spoke volumes.

“The children were filled with joy. Our children benefit from playing soccer weekly and getting in physical activity.”

The inclusive soccer fun day match medal.
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