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Tips on how to decorate a gender-neutral children’s room

When decorating a gender-neutral children's room, think outside the box and find exciting new décor themes to explore.

Are you thinking of decorating a gender-neutral bedroom for your child? Gender-neutral bedrooms are a great choice because they make sharing rooms easier, they tend to age better and they are often easier to decorate than rooms that are either pink or blue.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when decorating a room that would be suitable for both boys and girls.

Steer clear of gender-specific colours

While colours don’t actually have a gender, we all associate certain colours with gender. Pink is for girls and blue is for boys. Right? Well, when decorating a gender-neutral children’s room, pink and blue are the only colours you should stay away from. But don’t worry, you still have loads of other colours to choose from.

Think outside the box

Think outside the box and consider non-traditional colours like black and grey. Black and grey go with everything and they can be brightened up by contrasting colours. They also age really well so they can be enjoyed by your children as they grow and you won’t have to repaint the walls every two years!

If you’re not a fan of muted greys, a multi-coloured room is also an option. There are many ways to tastefully do multi-coloured walls. Painting each wall a different colour, painting patterns or a feature wall covered in wallpaper makes your furnishing options endless. After all, everything goes with multi-colours.G

Incorporate specific themes

If your child has a specific interest, half of your decorating considerations are already in the bag. Interests like sports, animals, space, and places your child likes make great themes. Choosing something your child has shown an interest in gives you the opportunity to turn your child’s bedroom into a passively educational environment and also ensures your child will actually like the room because they have been involved in the decorating too.  

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