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Give Mother Nature a break and recycle

Give Mother Nature a gift this season and recycle paper.

December is not only a time for gifts and festivities – it’s the perfect time to declutter homes and offices.

According to the Paper Recycling Association of South Africa (PRASA) white or office paper is one of the least recycled products in South Africa.

This is largely due to archiving and storage of important documents. If it’s time to clear out those files, make sure that paper goes into a recycling bin. For confidential documents, it is best to tear these up – preferably down the middle of the page. “Shredding often presents problems for recycling operations as it shortens the paper fibers and diminishes the quality of paper for recycling,” said PRASA operations director, Ursula Henneberry.

Popularly known as Boxing Day, December 26 was traditionally reserved for clearing out unused or unwanted items. These items were given out to the less fortunate in boxes, but it is also a day when you will see cardboard boxes, paper packaging from new toys and wrapping paper piled high among the household refuse.

Give Mother Nature a gift this season, and keep the paper separate once the pressies have been unwrapped. It is also best to remove plastic from paper packaging and keep the paper clean and dry. One of the nearest recycling depots is at President Hyper, where you can recycle paper and other materials as well.

Ursula Henneberry shares some recycling tips with Krugersdorpers:

– Find out which companies collect paper in your area

– Do not mix your paper with other recyclables

– Make a New Year’s resolution to recycle at home and at work and if your office is not recycling, be the change you want to see

– Do not let your paper get wet or soiled by other rubbish. Keep it under cover or in a closed plastic container

– Get to know what is recyclable and what is not

What you can’t recycle:

– Foil gift wrapping and foil-lined boxes

– Wax-coated or laminated boxes such as frozen food boxes

– Empty cement and dog food bags

– Disposable nappies

– Carbon paper

– Sticky notes

Find out more about which companies collect paper in Krugersdorp on www.recyclepaper.co.za or www.mywaste.co.za.

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