Soap box derby has kids in a frenzy

Curro Krugersdorp recently held a fundraiser to help the school and also hosted a go-cart and market day for learners and parents.

Nothing beats the joy on children’s faces when they get the chance to go outside, play with friends and give their all in a friendly competition.

Curro Krugersdorp knew just what would get its learners’ blood pumping and how to coax out that competitive spirit by hosting a soap box derby and market day on the primary school sports field.

Teams of three manned a push-to-go go-cart with which they tore up the track, so to speak.

While others were racing, there were those who supported.

Teams could choose their theme for the day and dress up accordingly. It seemed that DC Comics was a favourite, with some teams opting to go with The Flash, Batman and The Justice League. Other teams went in a different direction, choosing Native Americans, astronauts, owls, bees or dinosaurs as their themes.

The children raced around the track that the teachers had laid out on the field, giving it their all and working their little legs as hard as they could to get in front and finish first. Parents in their numbers stood on the sidelines, cheering on their kids and getting swept up by the competitive spirit of the day.

The Justice League team heading for a win?

The main purpose of the derby and fun day was to raise funds for the school itself and collect food and other household products to support those in need at the West Rand School for children with special needs.

Along with the many business sponsors, the children themselves raised a lot of money, with trolleys by the gates quickly being filled up with groceries by visitors to the event.

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