EPR on high alert for the next week

Following their incident report, EPR security said that they will be on high alert for any rioting, and urged business owners to be vigilant.

EPR Security has released their latest crime statistics for the period July 5 to 11 with theft still being a concern.

According to EPR General Manager Johan Krogh 19 incidents were reported to the security company in the six days. Six theft incidents were reported; poison was found in a yard in Strydom Street in Witpoortjie; a vehicle was stolen in Jorrison Street in Monument; and two break-ins and an attempted break-in were reported.

Theft, among other incidents remain a concern as we review the incidents for the past week. We confirm that EPR is on high alert the next week to monitor the treats of rioting and looting. We urge business owners to remain vigilant,” said General Manager, Johan Krogh.

See EPR’s detailed crime report below:

EPR security’s incident report for the last week. Information submitted.

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