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The final bake for Geneva

Geneva Bakery closes its doors after 60 years of business.

Geneva Bakery, one of Krugersdorp’s oldest bakeries, is sadly closing its doors after 60 years of being in business.

The Krugersdorp News recently visited the bakery and took a trip down memory lane. It originally opened in 1937 on Market Street, and according to one of the current owners, Rolf Beiser, in the 50s it moved to Burger Street, and in 1964 Adolf and Anneliese Beiser bought the bakery. He added that in the 70s, the business was relocated to its current address in Human Street. He continued that he and his wife Sarah have been running the business to this day.

Rolf Beiser and Philiswe Nkwana bake some goods.

“We will finally be closing our doors on Friday, 28 June,” Rolf said and according to Sarah, there are many reasons for closing down.

“The town is in a slump, and we have to clean in front of our business every morning. There are also criminal elements, where my husband was the victim of multiple attempted muggings [three times in the past month]. Not to mention an elderly person was pickpocketed in February and there was an incident of theft out of a motor vehicle recently. The poor infrastructure also plays a role. There are constant water issues and load-shedding that damage our equipment. Finally, our health is also a factor why we are closing,” Sarah said.

Ethel Zoyi, Virginia Madomise, Moni Modisane and Gloria Sadiki ice some cakes.

“We have been swamped by well wishes from the community following the news that we are closing shop not just in the local community but from as far as Canada, NZ, Australia, USA, Germany and the UK. Everybody enjoyed the taste of Geneva,” Sarah concluded.

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