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Reminder to all cyclists and motorists

Tzaneen's Cycling Club chairperson, Hendri Schoonraad, would like to remind community members of the safety of all road users including the cyclists.

This, after two cyclists were killed in Kwazulu-Natal earlier in this month. They were hit by a car while driving on the M4 freeway.

Schoonraad says the majority of Tzaneen’s motorists are thoughtful towards the cyclists and vice versa but there were a few exceptions where cyclists had narrow escapes.

The Tzaneen cycling club have about 120 members and is fast growing and it’s not the only club in Tzaneen, never mind the independent cyclists.

Basically, it is a popular sport in the community.

Then again, Schoonraad said that 5 years ago about 90% of the cyclists were road bike users where as today about 80% of the community’s cyclists are mountain biking.

He added that even though most people are on mountain bikes, there are times that cyclists need to use the road.

Cyclists have just as much right to be on the roads as the motorists do.

It is illegal for cyclists to use a freeway but the R36 is a dual carriage way, it is not a freeway and cyclists therefore have the same rights as motorists.

Another important rule, is that persons riding pedal cycles on a public road shall ride in single file, except in the course of overtaking another pedal cycle, and two or more persons riding pedal cycles should not overtake another vehicle at the same time.

That is according to Arrive Alive.

Overall, Schoonraad is thankful towards the cyclists and motorists for their co-operation.

Tzaneen Cycling Club is hosting the Miami Magoebaskloof MTB challenge on May 21 and the event will take place at Merensky High School.

Anyone who is interested can get information on the Tzaneen Cycling Club website: https://www.tzaneencycling.co.za/

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