UPDATE: Letsitele mother arrested-Concealment of birth case turns to murder

A 30 year old woman was arrested after she buried her five day old baby in a shallow grave.

Police in Letsitele have opened a case of concealment of birth given there was no sign of the baby a few days after its birth.

The police acted swiftly after they received information that the baby was nowhere to be seen on Sunday, March 26.

When asked about the whereabouts of her five day old baby, the mother, Katekani Mdaka of New Canada village (Mavele) said the baby was in hospital.

According to Sergeant Yvonne Moyana, it was only after police investigated that Mdaka finally pointed out a shallow grave where she buried the baby.

“Mdaka has five children, three from the same father and two with different fathers,” said Ngoepe.

The one she gave birth to recently was her sixth child. She gave birth at her aunt’s home and the following day decided to go to her place with the baby.

“She put the child in a tin and took her to her new stand where she cleaned and started burning the grass. The tin caught fire and the child died. She then decided to bury her in a shallow grave,” said Moyana.

Mdaka appeared in court on Wednesday, March 29. The case as changed to that of murder.

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