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Girls open hearts for pangolins

It started with a budding entrepreneur, Seanà-Leigh Hoffmann who wanted to raise money for pangolins.

After some brainstorming with her mother, they roped in some of her closest friends Lily Dodds, Estelle Carmen Vorster, and Naledi Olivia Munday and by Monday the lemonade stand idea was in motion. “They spent the days before, drawing the banner, softening lemons, squeezing them till they got every last drop out, and mixing the syrup,” says Annie Williams who witnessed the girls’ progress.

Friday was shop day and an eager bunch of 7-year-olds became mini-marketing managers outside the Pick n Pay Centre in Hoedspruit. “R10 for a lemonade, you look thirsty, how about a lemonade?” were some of the calls to be heard from these four tenacious girls. They stood in the heat from 10:00 to 13:00 and managed to raise a whopping R1810 for Pangolin Rescue which was duly donated to Peter Rogers from Provet on Monday, March 28.

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Why pangolins you might ask?

The pangolin is highly endangered and once retrieved from a smuggler, they need quite a bit of medical assistance to get them ready to be released back into the wild. If you would like to donate, Provet does extensive work with rescued pangolins and can be contacted on 015 793 0797 to get more information on how to donate and become involved.

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