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Half of local voters stay away from the polls

Almost half of the registered voters in the Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality cast their votes on election day. Out of the 81 146 registered voters, only 41 279 visited voting stations.

424 ballots were spoilt leaving 40 855 valid votes. The ANC won with 64.94% or 26 532 votes. The EFF obtained 14.32% with 5850 votes. The DA was not far behind in third position with 5566 votes giving them 13.62% and the FF Plus with 1.20% from 489 votes.

Umkhonto We sizwe (MK) and the United African Transformation both received 464 votes, amounting to 1.14% each. Provincially the ANC also shined obtaining 73.38% representation from 1 038 446 voters.

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The EFF is second in the province with 197 992 votes giving Julius Malema’s party 13.99% representation. The DA was not far behind in the third spot with 84 161 people voting for John Steenhuisen’s party giving it 5.95%. The FF VF Plus had 16 145 people voting in favour of it, accumulating 1.14% representation.

The new kids on the block, MK and Action SA, provincially, had 12 295 (0.87%) and 9 444 (0.67%) respectively. The total number of registered voters in Limpopo was 2 779 657, however, only 1 429 073 cast their votes, with 13 957 spoilt votes, resulting in 1 415 116 valid votes.

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