Amanda A-mangia: Cape Malay chicken curry

A traditional Cape Malay chicken curry recipe that’s quick and easy to make.

50ml vegetable oil

2 medium-sized onions, chopped

1 kg chicken, skinned and cut into portions

15 ml turmeric

15 ml ground cumin

10 ml ground coriander

15 ml red masala

30 ml garlic and ginger paste

1 medium tomato, chopped finely

4 potatoes, peeled and cut into quarters

6 to 7 fresh curry leaves

6 to 7 sprigs of fresh coriander


Heat a little oil in a pot, add onions and fry until browned. Add chicken and then add the spices, garlic and ginger paste, a pinch of salt and the chopped tomato. Stir well. Pour in 250 ml of water. Cook for five minutes. Add the potatoes and another 250 ml of water. Cover and simmer on a low heat until the potatoes are soft. Just before serving add the curry leaves and coriander and stir gently. Serve with rice or rotis.

And if you have more time – a more elaborate version


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