Exclusive video of ATM Bombings at Midwater Centre

An exclusive video obtained by the Middelburg Observer contains CCTV footage of the standard bank ATM bombings at the Midwater Centre which took place on the night of Monday, 9 May 2016.

Watch as the suspects jump out of the vehicle when they accost security guards. Look out for the female suspect, who can be seen wearing a skirt and drapes a R5 rifle over her shoulder.

This has caused significant debate among investigators who are unsure if it is indeed a female suspect or a man dressed as a woman. Decide for yourself.


The middle part of the video shows the suspects inserting explosives into two ATM’s – which takes them at least four to five minutes. The explosions then take place.

And the last part of the footage is probably the most shocking.

As the suspects prepare to escape, a white bakkie can be seen approaching in the distance.

Watch as one of the suspects readies his R5 and starts firing shots at the bakkie. One bullet hits the pavement and then the suspects gun gets jammed. Watch as he struggles to get it right before firing again. The driver of the bakkie has no idea he is being shot at. The suspects then escape.

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