Stolen car chased on highway

A suspected car thief was tackled to the ground by a member of Middelburg 911 following a car chase on the highway last Wednesday.

Just hours after a car was reported stolen in Eastdene, it was announced over Zello that it was spotted in eMalahleni.

A Middelburg 911 member who was in the vicinity followed directions to find the vehicle and spotted it on the highway driving on the N4.

When they got near Kusile Power Station, the driver of the stolen vehicle realized he was being followed and made a U-turn.

“We caught up with him again near Highveld Steel and forced him into a field. He jumped out of the car and started to run. That’s when I tackled him,” the 911 member said.

The suspect was handcuffed and when police arrived he admitted that he was part of a gang of three more suspects.

Police set up a trap and arrested a total of four people involved in the car theft.

The suspects were taken to eMalahleni Police Station and appeared before court last week.

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