Video: Judgement day awaits – updates as it happens

Judgement day for Willem Oosthuyzen and Theo Jackson, the accused in the coffin case, has arrived.

Judgement is expected in the infamous coffin case. Willem Oosthuyzen and Theo Jackson are accused of pushing Victor Mlotshwa into a coffin in 2016. Keep an eye on this article for updates as it happens by journalists Jana Boshoff and Zsaraeva Nel.




Update – 09:05

A source from within the Middelburg Magistrate Court has told that threats were received from protesters on Monday that the court building as well as the municipal building will be torched should they not agree with judgement today.

Police members have been identifying strategic points in and outside the court room and planning the placement of members earlier on.

The courtroom is filling up quickly with barely any space left in the public bench.

25 August 2017 08:00

The street before the Middelburg Magistrate Court has been cordoned off and the ANC campaign bus has been set up in front of the court building entrance.

Inside the courtroom camera teams and journalists are busy setting up to cover the much awaited judgement which will be delivered by judge Sheila Mphahlele at 10:00











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