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(Warning Graphic Content) – Video: Bitch and puppies died of hunger!

A senior inspector at the SPCA got highly emotional this week, when she found a bitch and her puppies, dead in a cage.

The dogs were all found in an advanced state of decomposition, after they died of starvation.

“I was in the area just days ago. If I had known, I could possibly have saved their lives!” Inspector Petro Oberholzer told the Observer.

According to Inspector Oberholzer, she got a call from a concerned resident of Mhluzi, regarding possible acts of animal cruelty on 12 November.

She later visited the shack with the resident, where they found the shack. Next to the shack was a cage where they found the carcasses of the dogs.

Inspector Oberholzer said the place was overrun with fleas, and all food and water bowls were empty. “This was in my opinion a clear indication that the animals were not fed, and died of starvation and thirst, and possible disease.”

• Bones of other animals were also found in the area (read article elsewhere in the newspaper).

• Inspector Oberholzer opened a case of animal cruelty at the Mhluzi Police Station on Wednesday.


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