Peace Officers to enforce water restrictions

Penalty fines of up to R1 500 will be issued to any member of the public not adhering to water restrictions which will now be monitored and responded to by Building Inspectors, Traffic Officers and the appointment of additional Peace Officers.

This was resolved during a Special Council meeting held on Tuesday this week at the Council Chambers, where fresh water restrictions were discussed and approved by all parties, as Mayor Mike Masina said that ‘water knows no politics’.

With effect from 1 November, the contravening of the following restrictions will result in a penalty fine:

• The watering of gardens by means of hosepipes or by means of irrigation systems,

• The watering of sports facilities at schools,

• Filling of swimming pools with municipal water, and

• The cleaning of vehicles or driveways by means of hosepipes.

And as approved on the budget, the following restriction tariffs apply from 1 November 2016 with the first billing run in December 2016:


First 6 kilolitres – Free

7 – 10 kilolitres – R7,55 per kilolitre

10 – 20 kilolitres – R16,25 per kilolitre

Above 20 kilolitres – R17,28 per kilolitre

Businesses, industries, flats and schools

R12,88 per kilolitre

These tariffs will be reviewed if the water source drops to below 20%.

Water restrictions will remain in place until the water resource reaches at least 60% or an alternative raw water resource has been secured.

Irrigation of grass lawns in the road reserve using water from boreholes also be prohibited until the water resource reaches at least 60%

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