Security guard killed

One security guard was killed, and three others seriously injured when municipal officials and a security firm hired by the municipality, clashed with illegal land occupiers in Extension 6, Mhluzi, between 03:00 and 04:00, this morning.

The municipality mobilized officials and contracted security guards to go and demolish a large number of shacks, following a tense court battle this week.

Police were called around 04:00 wherafter the angry mob of land occupiers diapersed.

Things are said to be calm at the moment.

A delegation of 6 ANC National Executive Committee members will be visitng Newtown, Mhluzi, this afternoon to address the community’s anger over recent election irregularities. police are also on high alert for the scheduled Newtown meeting.

According to the SAPS, it is still unclear how the security was killed during earlt morning clashes. No shots were reported and police believe he may have been beaten to death.

His three colleagues all sustained serious injuries and have been admitted to ICU.

Clashes erupted when a number of shacks were demolished completely. A large number of shacks however remained.

Police have been deployed to the area to ensure that things remain calm. The mob has retreated to Samekoms for now.

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