Three killed in Kranspoort crash

Three people were killed when a truck transporting 34 tonnes of metal coil crashed into a rock face in Kranspoort shortly after 05:00 on Friday morning.

It is believed that the driver lost control and smashed through a stone barrier fence into the mountain side, after which the entire cargo of coil catapulted over the cabin.

The momentum was of such force that the cabin was ripped from the truck. All three the deceased were flung from the cabin on impact.

It is unclear where the cargo was headed. The owner of the truck is from Newcastle.

Kranspoort had to be closed for traffic in order for Van Wettens towing services to assist the forensic pathology unit to lift tonnes of coil from the bodies.

The pass was opened for a short while after the retrieval of the bodies, to let jammed up traffic from both sides through.

Traffic was then blocked again until late afternoon whilst Van Wettens retrieved the truck.

Salvaging operations were hampered by the fact that the truck came to the halt between the rock face and massive concrete slabs protecting motorists from falling rock.

Jana Boshoff

Award-winning community news journalist with over a decade's newsroom experience. Passionate about hard-hitting news stories!
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