Municipal Manager warns: ‘Load shedding eminent’

The power system remains under severe pressure because of ongoing protest action.

The Steve Tshwete Municipality’s Municipal Manager, Bheki Khenisa, issued a message to residents warning that load shedding is eminent.

Eskom implemented stage 1 load shedding last night from 18:00 to 20:00.

The power utility announced later on Thursday night that electricity has been restored.


Eskom has requested for electricity to be used sparingly, and switch off  all non essential items, like swimming pool pumps.

The load shedding schedule can be seen here.

• Workers have embarked on an industrial protest after Eskom announced that workers will not receive an annual raise this year.

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Power stations have been blocked off by protesters, preventing trucks from delivering coal and other workers from going to work.

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Reports of intimidation and attempts of sabotage have also been seen. Substations have been set alight and a note, warning workers to stay away from work or face the consequences, made national headlines.

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