Old man runs from robbers

An old man ran from house to house seeking help in Kanonkop after a group of six robbers tried to rob him of his money.

A resident from Sipres Street (who wants to stay anonymous) told that he saw how the old man ran from house to house for help Sunday night shortly before 19:00.

At one stage the man got hold of someone at a gate and asked the person to keep his wallet, because six men tried to rob him and he is too scared to keep his wallet with him.
A vehicle drove by and the resident whistled at the bakkie, who stopped and offered to drop off the old man at his house in Mhluzi.

Before he drove off with the people in the bakkie, the man gave a description of his attackers to radio groups and the police, who went on a hunt for the robbers.

Shortly after the incident, six men were seen walking up Piet Grobler Street in Dennesig and later, when they came down the Loskop road, towards the taxi rank on the corner of Protea and Sipres Street, were stopped and questioned.

Because the old man did not make a case, the suspects were just warned and released.





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