Farm attacks: TLU SA says, “enough is enough”

The significant increase in farm attacks and murders since 2012, and especially following the national elections, is a source of grave concern for TLU SA.

According to Henry Geldenhuys, Vice President of TLU SA, this development, particularly regarding the inhuman torture of the victims, can no longer be accepted.

“The national murder figure of about 53 people per day is unacceptable for us as an organisation as well as for our members. During May alone, there were 46 attacks and 7 murders on farms. June is barely 3 days old and already 5 attacks and 1 murder have been carried out on farms and smallholdings. This excludes towns and cities,” Geldenhuys said.

The agonising question of when the government, SAPS, and NPA will take concrete action to halt the undeclared war that is being waged on South Africa’s farmers, remains unanswered. Daily statements that farmers – who produce food for all inhabitants of South Africa – have stolen their land, are made from political platforms.

Yet the President, the entire cabinet and especially the Minister of Police remain silent about the attacks and murders that escalate daily. Is it possible that their deafening silence, in fact, condones this unacceptable situation?

Farm attack: ‘How sick are these men?’

“This situation can certainly no longer continue! TLU SA challenges the government, SAPS, and NPA to implement an effective and workable solution to these tragic events within the next month. The foundation of their plan must be the effective, unbiased implementation of the laws of this country.

It remains the legally binding duty of the SAPS to protect private property, combat terrorism, arson, trespassing, murder, rape, and incitement. The collapse of the rule of law in our country can no longer be accepted. The government has to take urgent action to prevent the total collapse of society.”

He strongly urged farmers, both black and white, to sharpen up their security measures and to strategically include farm labour. “Arm yourself, know how your firearm works and use it within the framework of the law to protect yourself and your family. If you are not yet part of a Security structure, we would admonish you to urgently join up.”

TLU SA directed an invitation to all agricultural organisations, agri suppliers, security companies and all organisations involved with Rural Safety to bring pressure to bear on the government and their various structures to work toward combatting this scourge.

62 murders took place in farms in 2017

Geldenhuys also requested agri suppliers to contribute to TLU SA’s various security campaigns.

“Without farmers, there is no food on our tables, you as an agri supplier will no longer exist and large areas of rural South Africa will be permanently ruined. This is truly how serious this situation has become as a result of the ever-growing wave of attacks and murders. This all while farmers in large parts of South Africa are struggling to survive amidst an ongoing drought of disastrous magnitude while simultaneously battling epidemic levels of theft of livestock and agricultural products. The demand on our finances for assistance from numerous sectors is great. ”

He warned that this state of affairs can no longer continue and that there is a very real danger of the situation coming to a head in the near future.


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