Truck driver caught amidst shootout after hijacking on N4

A truck driver escaped with his life after a shootout ensued in broad daylight between the hijackers of his truck and a security guard on the N4.

The victim was travelling along the N4 in the direction of Nelspruit when he stopped at the Woestalleen off-ramp to urinate. He was approached by a man wearing blue jeans and a red T-shirt and cap. The man pointed a gun at him and forced him back into the truck, instructing him to drive.

The truck driver noticed a vehicle, belonging to a security company, driving behind him. He stopped the truck, jumped out and ran to the security vehicle for help. Whilst he was running, the hijacker fired shots at him. The security guard retaliated by firing back, causing the suspect to flee into nearby bushes from where he disappeared into thin air. No one was injured during the shootout.

It is suspected that more than one person was involved in the hijacking. The suspect also left some of his personal belongings behind.

Police are investigating a case of attempted hijacking.





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