Mother and children injured following high-speed collision with military vehicle

A mother and two of her children have been taken to hospital for medical treatment following a high-speed collision with a military convoy.

The intersection between Lilian Ngoyi-and Dr Beyers Naude Drive has been closed, as police tend to the scene.

Military troops from the 4 SAI Battalion were doing a practice run for a parade that will be hosted tomorrow, and were driving down Dr Beyers Naude Drive at the time.

According to an eyewitness, who claims to have missed the accident by seconds, only one member of the Military Police was present to delegate traffic. The robot had turned red for the convoy, which continued to speed across the intersection, resulting in the woman crashing into one of the vehicles.

No fatalities have been reported, and the mother and her two children were fortunate to escape with minor injuries.

A journalist at the scene reported that the private vehicle was significantly damaged, while the military vehicle survived with hardly a scratch.

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