Municipal vehicles razed in fire, Fire Department fails to respond

In what is suspected to be another case of sabotage, three municipal vehicles were burned to the ground last night in SADC Street.

The incident of sabotage has pushed residents over the edge, some who now have gone as far as to offer a R20 000 reward for information on the saboteurs.

Images provided.

The fire started on the property neighbouring Aquatronics in SADC Street and continued raging until fire fighters from Columbus Stainless reacted to the scene.

Desperate calls made to the Middelburg Fire Department were left ignored due to the ongoing municipal strike.

The incident of suspected arson comes on the back of threats made by the Greater Middelburg Concerned Residents group, who unequivocally warned that “Middelburg would burn” if the striking municipal workers are dismissed.

Images provided.

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