Saboteurs target “local hero’s”

A local business that has been involved in several projects to remove garbage from residential areas free of charge, has been vandalised on Thursday night causing thousands of Rand worth of damage.

Other businesses who have attempted to help have also reported threats of vandalism.

Hailed local hero’s Isuzu Middelburg (Quembu Motors) was part of a larger initiative, partnering with other businesses, to help remove garbage from the streets after municipal workers went on an unprotected strike.

On Thursday night vandals cut cables at the business and stripped their generator.

It is estimated that the value of the damage done amounts to R80 000.

Luckily, the generator motor was in for repairs, otherwise the damage could have escalated to R500 000.

Another business owner, who asked not to be named out of fear of victimisation, said that they started cleaning the street their business is situated in.

After removing more than 16 tons of garbage.

The business owner came to the office one morning only to be told by a security guard that he was asked to warn them, if they continue their cleaning efforts, their vehicles will be torched.

Several instances where cables have been cut have been reported.

Brandon Orthopedic Services says they have been without electricity for two days.

They are unable to manufacture things like prostesis and back braces in this time, often for patients who have to travel from far to come and collect it.

Suspects caught cutting cables were chased in the CBD on Thursday night.

They disappeared into a property with the police telling people on the scene that they are not allowed to search the house without a warrant.

Whilst thieves and vandals are thriving during this time, the question on everyone’s lips is “When will someone do something?” It is time we realise, we are that “someone” and only through a collective effort will residents be able to stand up and say “We refuse to be held hostage any longer.”

Jana Boshoff

Award-winning community news journalist with over a decade's newsroom experience. Passionate about hard-hitting news stories!
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