Student saves man from stabbing

In a downtrodden society that is inclined to turn its face away from those in need, a young and aspiring student of psychology and his friend, placed themselves in harm’s way to save the life of a man, who had a knife to his throat.

Yusuf Tayob (26) and his friend, Hamza Dlamini, were en route to Aerorand on Sunday afternoon when an opportunity of true heroism presented itself.

They were driving along Verdoorn Street from Eastdene’s direction at around 16:00 and had just passed the Middelburg Cemetery when the Fortuner in front of them started swerving across the road from side to side, before coming to a complete standstill.

It appeared as if the driver had passed out and was sagging over the steering wheel.

The two men jumped out and approached the car, where they accosted a woman straddling the male driver. She was strangling him and had a knife to his throat.
They yanked the door open and managed to free the knife from the woman’s hand before plucking the keys out of the ignition.

Shortly after, tow truck drivers stopped at the scene, thinking it was an accident.

“We informed them that it was a squabble between the man and woman and called the police. The national emergency number kept ringing, so we fast-tracked the call through a contact.”

They stayed with the couple for 20 minutes until members of the police finally arrived. Fortunately, their call to the police had calmed down the situation.
Once authorities were on the scene, Yusuf and Hamza left the situation in the hands of the police.

Yusuf is currently residing in Johannesburg where he is studying psychology. He is, however, an active member of the Eastdene community and is known for his goodwill as co-founder of the Middelburg Feeding Scheme that was initiated by him and his father Dr Mohammed Tayob.

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