Red Berets march to Middelburg Police Station

With rolls of barbed wire and armoured vehicles blocking off any entry to the Middelburg Police Station, the SAPS prepared themselves for a militant-styled onslaught as the EFF made its way from Mhluzi to Joubert Street.

Traffic was temporarily halted by the marching red berets, who made their way to the station to demand immediate action regarding the Hope City debacle.

Rolls of barbed wire and armoured vehicles were placed at both entrances to the Middelburg Police Station.

Hope City tenants have been caught in a lengthy dispute with the Steve Tshwete Housing Association (STHA) for not providing service delivery and building maintenance, constant electricity cuts due to non-payment by the STHA, illegal evictions, illegal towing of vehicles, and the unlawful repossessing of furniture.

It is assumed that the EFF has marched to the station to demand that police assist the tenants in opening cases of theft and fraud.

The marchers approach the Joubert- and Walter Sisulu intersection.

Reports circulating on social media state that threats of violence were made by the EFF, including threats of torching the station. No incidents of violence or violent behaviour have been received thus far, and the marchers were peaceful.

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