Residents navigate through town like sewer rats

Middelburg residents awoke to post-apocalyptical scenes following Friday’s riot, which saw sabotage and vandalism en masse after the alleged shooter of Tshepo Maseko was granted bail.

Municipal services have been suspended for over a month, and residents are expected to navigate through town like sewer rats, where mounds of rubbish and damaged infrastructure can be seen.

Since the riot, acts of vandalism and damage to property have been observed all over town.

• Individuals have resorted to dumping refuse at the ANC offices in Walter Sisulu Street.
• The parking area of Shoprite and MB Sports has turned into a sea of waste.
• Trees, paving blocks and dustbins have been ripped out of the ground.
• Dennesig residents were plagued by suffocating clouds of smoke after a fire broke out in the field leading to the landfill site.
• Garden waste has been dumped in the open fields near Asalia Street.
• Businesses in the CBD area are ridding themselves of their black refuse bags by leaving them on the pavements.

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